The Information Centre of "Lubana Wetland" is located 53 km away from Madona town and 47 km away from Rezekne town. Information centre is located in Aiviekste hydro scheme, Ošupe parish, the region of Madona.

Driving from Madona town

Driving from Madona town on the road P84 in the direction of Varakļāni after 27 km in Barkava after the gas station you must turn left in the direction of Lubana Lake, then after 13 km in Degumnieki you must turn right (indication sign (Lubana lake 11 km), then you must continue for 11 km on a gravel road until the Aiviekste River, where an asphalted road begins, and then on your right there will be a parking lot with a meeting place outside the Information Centre “Lubana Wetland".

Driving from Rezekne town

Driving from Rezekne town in the direction of Balvi on the road P36 after 30 km you must turn left to Gaigalava. Continue straight for 3 km. In the center of Gaigalava there will be a junction where you must turn right in the direction of Lubana Lake. Continue straight for 15 km passing by the church of Bikava, water tourism development center “Bāka” and a beach till you arrive to the sign “Madonas novads” (Madona region), “Aiviekstes slūžas” (Aiviekste sluice) and “Informācijas centrs” (Information Centre).