Lubāna wetland information centre
Welcome to the Lubāna wetland - in the place where nature and human can meet

Lubāna Wetland Information Centre is a charming building on the shore of the largest lake in Latvia - Lubāns. In the place where the calm but wild stream of the Aiviekste River begins, some birds are rare and some very common. A place where pleasant conversations often begin and you can get unlimited peace and quiet in nature.   

This is the place where you will always be welcome!
Here you can get acquainted with the nature reserve "Lubāns wetland"!

The Lubāna Wetland Information Centre offers tourism information at the Lubāna Wetland Nature Reserve, guides tours and bird watching activities, organizes various events, and offers simple but nice accommodations. We invite all lovers of active recreation to enjoy active recreation at Lake Lubāna and enjoy possible the most delicious coffee in the Lubāna wetland!

Managers of the Information Center "Lubana Wetland" - society "Pie Kraujas"

On July 2014 the Municipality of Madona region according to the delegation contract handed the management of the Information center "Lubana Wetland" to the society "Pie Kraujas".

Check out the section „Our service” or come and visit us in person -
we will be happy to introduce you to the Lubāna wetland nature reserve!

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Madona's local group of the Latvian Ornithological Society

The initiative of the creation of the local group was launched at the end of year 2015. The girls of the Information Center "Lubana Wetland" decided little by little to gather around themselves friends of the surrounding birds and the ones who want and who have interest to learn more about birds