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   "Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love." /Mother Teresa/     

Managers of the Information Center "Lubana Wetland" - society "Pie Kraujas"

On July 2014 the Municipality of Madona region according to the delegation contract handed the management of the Information center "Lubana Wetland" to the society "Pie Kraujas".

The location of the society is the town of Madona, it consists of 16 young people, who are united by the interest of active recreation, industrial alpinism, snowboarding, the respect for natural values of Latvia, as well as by the patriotism of Latvia and Madona region.

The Information Center is located in a beautiful, human intact place with rich natural diversity, and our goal is to honor this place, to preserve and respect it by taking care of the surrounding environment and people who live in it.

The society is actively involved not only is the cleaning of the territory, its maintenance and in providing the information about Lubana Lake and its surroundings, but it also actively works on the improvement of the quality of the local population's social life and on the opportunities to spend free time in a valuable manner.

So far the biggest achievements of the society ""Pie Kraujas" in the Information Center "Lubana Wetland" are the successfully implemented events - "The Calm Sound of the Waters", a project in which we have introduced people with the Stone Age by the Lubana. Lake, explained and created the prototype of our settlement. The successfully implemented active recreation events - hiking in the marsh, skiing in the marsh, bike rides in the territory of the wetland - the explorative activities - bird days and wetland days, as well as the creative activities - poetry readings, musical performances and workshops.

We have created several very beautiful and valuable cooperations on various levels - with active local societies, the museum of Madona, the library of Madona, with the youth center of Madona region, schools, Ošupe parish. We gain a great support from the municipality of Madona region. Our cooperation partners and supporters give us a wide variety of support - financial, material, human resources, knowledge and competences, and this cooperation is double-sided and successful.


Madona's local group of the Latvian Ornithological Society

The initiative of the creation of the local group was launched at the end of year 2015. The girls of the Information Center "Lubana Wetland" decided little by little to gather around themselves friends of the surrounding birds and the ones who want and who have interest to learn more about birds.

In the first meeting at the library of Madona region at the end of year 2015 we decided to become the information coordinators and we invited everyone to take part and to express their wishes and initiative during the action of the Madona local group by insuring that everyone participates in the working process with his own initiative, wish and readiness to make it happen by searching like-minded people and modes how to realize the ideas.

On the 26th of January, 2016 we already went to first registration of wintering waterbirds, we counted the birds in some sections of the Madona town and Aiviekste River and around the Lubana Lake.

On the 16th of Match, 2016 the first event organized by LOS local group of Madona town took place. Thanks to the fervor, support and willingness to participate of the former local ornithologist Andris Avotiņš Jr. at the library of Madona region public lecture was organized about the Eurasian pygmy owl - the smallest owl in Latvia and Europe - as well as the bird houses workshop.

Currently the communication about the events happens via Facebook page of the Information Center "Lubana Wetland", but to be subscribed to the e-mail information list, you must write to lubanamitrajs@gmail.com. It is only the beginning of our activities - it is still  a long way to go and there is a lot to do. If you think that we share the same passion, we will be happy to see you in our LOS local group of Madona town!

If you are interested to create a local group in your neighborhood, search for the information here: https://www.lob.lv/lv/vietejas_grupas/index.php  

About the creation of Madona's group read here: http://putnidaba.lv/drukatie-materiali/2016-2/

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